Free Valuation Sessions at The Vintage Look

The Vintage Look, at 31, Hart Street, is delighted to announce regular free valuation sessions will be hosted in-store every Tuesday morning from 10-1pm, starting on February 21st.  Auctioneer Pascal McNamara, from Wokingham Auctions, looks forward to assessing items of silver, jewellery, ceramics, sovereigns, Oriental items, art and antiques, without obligation. ‘Often people have no idea of the value of old family heirlooms, so having a valuation done helps decide next steps or whether or not to increase the house insurance. We encourage people to bring items along to us before heading to the charity shop!’ adv     ises Pascal.

Old silver ware or broken jewellery is often undervalued and sent to scrap merchants without being assessed for antique value. As silver plate also has hallmarks it’s important to establish whether it’s solid silver as the price differs hugely. Sometimes a particular maker’s mark can multiply the final price and auction route ensures the best price as collectors will often pay a premium even for damaged or worn pieces.

For larger items send photos via email for assessment to: