Toddler Playground Refurbishment Consultation

toddler-playground-1Henley Town Council are committed to refurbishing the toddler playground at Mill Meadows.  It is now in urgent need of refurbishment as the slide and climbing equipment have been screened off because they are not safe and two out of the four swings have been removed.  Mayor, Stefan Gawrysiak, Councillor Liz Hodgkin and Ray Parker from Kompan who design playgrounds were at Mill Meadows on Saturday for the first public consultation when they were asking views of parents, grand-parents, children and toddlers as to what type of equipment they would like to see intoddler-playground-4 the new playground.  Kompan have been appointed to design the new playground and then the building of it will go out to tender.  Councillor Liz Hodkin said, “We are hoping to have a new fantastic toddler playground ready for the Summer.”

The second public consultation is on Wednesday 22 January 2014 also between 10 am – 2 pm in the Market Place. Councillors will be available to chat to you regarding the options.

toddler-playground-3Isabelle, 3 (pictured left) from Wokingham comes to the park with her Mum and Dad who alternate between the parks in Henley and Marlow and her favourite things are the swings.  They said, “Marlow park has lots more different kinds of equipment and is much newer.”  They went on to add, “Flat trampolines would be a great addition to the Henley Park, they are very popular at others.”

Lots of other people said they’d like to sand and water included in the park facilities.

Please come along and share your views however should you not be able to attend please contact the Town Council 01491 576982 or email

For a copy of the survey form please click here.

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  1. Dave Murray says:

    The main issue I have with the toddler playground is that it is often full of kids from Henley College & Gillotts playing on the equipment. Same goes for the larger playground with the zip wire.

    Rant over!!


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