Wanted – Film Maker to Make 2014 HYF Film


Each year Beth Staley made a brilliant film that captured what HYF was about that year. She filmed it, edited it and sorted the backing music and delivered it in an unbelievably tight deadline for the last Saturday evening of HYF. Now she is at University. The HYF Committee now need to find another senior student who could take it on this year. You need equipment to film and edit and the time to spare to film at lots HYF events between 3rd and 16th March (some in the evenings). Great project for someone studying film or wanting to make media their career. If you want to volunteer for this please contact us at tinajacobs@impactmarketing.biz and send links to films you have already made. Below is a link to a short HYF film using footage from a couple of years ago to give you an idea.


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