Shiplake College Refurbishments

Burr-SofasIn addition to the major building work being carried out at present, Shiplake College recognises the need to carry on maintaining and improving the quality of itsaccommodation for all boarders and day pupils. Accordingly, a whole host of changes were made to the houses over the Christmas break.

In Burr House, the day room was repainted and new furniture was installed. Burr pupils voted to choose the fabric and colour of the new sofas. Unsurprisingly, their house colour blue featured heavily! The College House day room was also repainted and re-carpeted. New furniture is due to arrive on Monday 13th January. In Everett House, a variety of new flooring and furniture was used to give 13 bedrooms a fresh look. The boys were very pleased with the results and demand for these rooms is sure to be very high next year! The House staircase was also renovated, with laminate panels giving it a stylish, modern appearance.

In addition, there were other smaller enhancements made throughout the school, including re-painting, mending of toilets, new door handles and carpet cleaning. This has certainly helped to refresh the feel of the buildings ready for the start of another busy term.

Bursar Neil Walne highlighted the College’s desire to ensure the quality of accommodation is always preserved: “We do not have the luxury of closing a house down, so have to phase any refurbishment amongst the houses during the holiday periods. To date, we have spent approximately £60,000 on refurbishments to the houses since the start of the Autumn Term. There are already plans in place for further improvements to be made across the remainder of the academic year.”

Headmaster Gregg Davies added: “Whilst many of the changes are subtle, their importance should not be underestimated. The quality of our boarding rooms and communal areas in all houses matches, and in many cases exceeds that of  other boarding schools in the local area.”

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