New Badgers Class Opened at Badgemore School


The Mayor, Stefan Gawrysiak officially opened the new classroom at Badgemore School yesterday morning.  The new Badgers class will be for the Foundation class and will help to meet current demand for school places.

This is new-classroom-2just Phase One of the building works at the school.  Head teacher, Melanie Carruthers said, “We now have a complete, brand-new, fully functional and purpose-built Foundation Stage Unit.” The £700,000 Phase One extension of the school includes a new kitchen, wet play area and toilets. The outside of the new Foundation Stage classroom is clad in cedar wood to reflect the surrounding woodland.

The extension is part of a £2.3 million project to double Badgemore’s capacity from just over 100 pupils to 210. Allowing them to take up to 30 children each year instead of 15.

Phase Two is due to start in February and over the next few months the main hall, entrance area, kitchen and staff room will be refurbished. The hall and kitchen will then be available to hire for community new-classroom-3events.

Henley’s County Councillor David Nimmo Smith said: “This is a wonderful facility at a lovely school and it improves on what is already here. It will ensure Badgemore remains a credit to the town.”


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