River & Rowing Museum Races into pole-position with a new Frazer Nash Exhibition

rrm-frazer-nashFor the first time, the River & Rowing Museum is showcasing over 100 years of legendary Frazer Nash automobile history and hosting a series of adult and family events to accompany the exhibition, including ‘Under the Bonnet’ and ‘Make it Move’.

Two historic cars will be on display in the Lord Kirkham Gallery. The 1951 Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica, Sir Stirling Moss’ British Empire Trophy winning car, is over 60 years old with a top speed of 120 mph and one of only 29 ever made! The Museum is also proud to present the earliest Frazer Nash still in existence, the 1925 PlusPower Sports Tourer, charting a significant development in automobile engineering in the first half of the 20th Century.

The exhibition includes the fascinating narrative of Archie Frazer Nash as a twenty-one year old ex-engineering apprentice who with his friend, Ron Godfrey, designed a unique ‘cyclecar’ in 1910. This paved the way for the competitive sports cars that created the ‘Chain Gang’, the name given to leading Frazer Nash drivers using their distinctive chain-drive system.

The history of these electrifying cars is all brought to life at the River & Rowing Museum with an array of photographs, trophies and other memorabilia of the cars and those who raced them, illuminating this giant of British motor sport.

Roger Richmond, Chairman of the Frazer Nash Archives, said:

“The Archives Trustees are very pleased to have the opportunity of working with such a first class heritage organisation as the River & Rowing Museum in presenting this exhibition, which is an ideal way of relating different aspects of the Frazer Nash story.

We hope that visitors to the Museum will be rewarded by the exciting world of Frazer Nash activities and appreciate how these remain as alive today as they did in the past.”

Accompanying the exhibition is a series of nine events for all ages, including ‘Under the Bonnet’, where Peter Livesey of the Frazer Nash Archives will be the ‘lifting the bonnet’ on the fantastic cars in the exhibition, exploring how they work and their history, and ‘Vroomm Vroomm!’ where children will get the opportunity to make, play and experiment with things that move in a fun-packed family day.

The award-winning River & Rowing Museum, recently ranked in the Top 50 Museums in the world by The Times, announced record visitor numbers last year and looks set for another exciting year of exhibitions, workshops and activities with a jam-packed winter programme for the whole family.

Visit rrm.co.uk for more information.



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