Henley Police Appeal for Witnesses

TVPlogoPolice are appealing for witnesses to this crime:

On 24 December a resident who owns a 6 acre plot in Bear Wood and uses the wood on the land for fuel for his home had one of the trees on his land was felled by the stormy weather. This blocked Colemore Lane which is a public right of way that leads from Stoke Row Road through to Witheridge Hill. The resident chopped the tree up and put the pieces by the side of the lane on 27 December. On 02 January he returned to find the wood he chopped up has been stolen. There is evidence that a chainsaw was used. About half a tonne of Beechwood was stolen, so the suspects obviously came prepared.

The woods have public rights of way through them and are used by cyclists, dog walkers, walkers etc.  and so there is a possibility someone saw the suspects.  If you have any information about this crime, please call the Police on 101.

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