New Jo Southwell Films – Cover Me & Covered


Jo Southwell (Centre) with actors – Alexander Arthur (left) and Isis Davis (far right), Totie Sothwell (next to Isis) and the crew who helped make the films

The Henley Herald was honoured to be invited to see the first screening of Jo Southwell’s new short films ‘Cover Me’ and ‘Covered’ last week.  Both films are based on the same story of one girl, one lie and one choice.

Jo thought this film would have a strong emotional impact on her audience as it tell a very common story through the thoughts and flashbacks of a young girl who is mentally struggling to to survive her own life.

‘Cover Me’ tells the story in very narrative way, leaving the audience to join up the story themselves with little cover-me-posterdialect apart from a fantastic monologue by actress Isis Davis from London.  Isis said, “I found this the most difficult part because I had to access my emotions and stay in the zone by myself to achieve this.”

‘Covered’ tells the story in a very explicit way – both visually, through the dialogue and sounds.  Making it quite an uncomfortable film for the audience to watch but many of whom liked the shock factor of it.

The soundtrack for the films is performed by Jo’s step-daughter, Totie Southwell and adds real impact to this horrific story.

Alexander Arthur an upcoming actor from Bedfordshire who plays the father in both films brilliantly is due to star in a new production of Romeo & Juliet 2014 next year.

Jo hopes that these films will be as successful as her first one ‘Holding On’ which was nominated for best Short Film at St Albans Film Festival and was also included in the Short Film Corner at Cannes 2013.  Holding On is a short film which tells the story of one man’s struggle to HOLD ON to his life as Alzheimer’s takes hold.

Afterwards Jo said, “Both films will now be entered into the Festivals next year and I hope that they will help me to break into the American market and gain funding for a feature film I am hoping to produce and direct.”

You can watch a trailer of ‘Cover Me’ at


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