New Oak Trees Plant Problems Between Museum & Council

tree-planting-2Last week nine fastigiate Oak trees were planted in front of the River and Rowing Museum in Henley to replace the Poplar trees which were taken down last year because of high winds that hit Henley resulting in one of the trees becoming severely damaged and causing a section of the tree to collapse and fall over the car park and into the meadows.  The loss of this 60 year-old tree triggered a chain of events resulting in the felling of the entire line of 18 trees earlier this year. These protected trees, under a tree preservation order issued by the District Council, meant that the Town Council had a legal obligation to replace them and the Town Council own the land.

However the River & Rowing Museum Trustees are not happy that the Town Council have not liaised with them on whattree-planting-1 tress, how many and how far apart the new trees should be planted as the ones that have been planted they believe will screen off the beautiful building.  Paddy Nicholl, Chairman of the museum’s trustees said, “The River & Rowing Museum is a major asset to Henley and the nation – it should be celebrated not shielded.”



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