Shiplake Primary School’s Christmas Play is Comedy Gold!


Shiplake Primary’s Year 5 and 6 production of ‘The Tinder Box’ was a raucous affair which allowed the children’s theatrical talent to shine through more than in your average Christmas play. The fantastical tale of a young man traveling through time and space with the help of a magic tinder box  clearly excited the children’s imaginations which was demonstrated through their enthusiastic portrayal of space men and cave men alike.

The play captured the atmosphere of a Christmas pantomime through the student’s high octane performances, a girl playing the lead male role and catchy musical numbers. The play’s rhyming dialogue meant that this was a very brave production as the student’s had little leeway for line slip-ups, but they proved worthy of the feet and carried the challenge off confidently.

A notable scene in the play was the children’s portrayal of the cupboard love and hangers on that come with wealth and how these friends mysteriously disappear when the bill arrives, which was very convincing and humorous. The new lights bought by the PFTA were used to full effect throughout the play, and greatly enhanced the space man troop dance routine to upbeat trance music. Overall, the year 5 and 6 pupils have managed to produce a very professional and dynamic performance which they should all be proud of.


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