Hey Ewe… Curious Sheep Nativity Play at Badgemore School

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It was just the end of another ordinary, grass-eating, sleepy day for the sheep on the hills at the start of the Badgemore School Key Stage 1 nativity play.  One curious sheep couldn’t believe her eyes as a man and lady walk by with a donkey followed by a chorus of angels singing in the sky.  This is no ordinary night! She tries to wake her sleepy friends to share her excitement but they are fed up with her noisy bleating and just want to go to sleep: “Forget about your mystery!” they chant. However, the curious sheep cannot be deterred and decides to follow the shepherds to Bethlehem where he pushes his way through to the front of the crowd only to discover lots of people worshiping a tiny baby.

Great play on the traditional nativity story and fantastic singing by all the children.  Particularly loved the ‘Hey Ewe’ song and a special mention for the dancing angels who were great.

Parents, family and teachers must be very proud of all the children.


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