Living Advent Calendar wins Prime Minister’s Big Society Award

day9-10The Living Advent Calendar is the latest winner of a Big Society Award Prime Minister David Cameron has announced today.

The award recognises the project’s innovative collaboration between The Henley Partnership and Henley Town Council, bringing together hundreds of local businesses and local performers for the advent period.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Henley’s Living Advent Calendar is a brilliantly unique embodiment of Christmas community spirit.

“The record number of organisations opening their doors this year are giving a platform to talented local performers, providing a welcome boost for Henley businesses and putting on a great show for everyone in the town.

“This Big Society Award recognises the hard work of everyone involved.”

Julie Perigo, Chair of Henley Living Advent Calendar and Henley Partnership said:

“Apart from the town enjoying the performances and feeling more connected with one another – which is helped by the fact that there is something on every night – businesses report increased footfall, PR and communications have been shared intra-business and valuable new relationships established, work experience opportunities have been created in areas such as marketing, graphic design and social media. Henley’s Advent Calendar over the Christmas period has been a catalyst, inspiring other out-of-season initiatives such as, an Autumn jazz & blues festival, and new business welcome and support.

“We always believed that it could easily be replicated in other market towns and Boroughs which could do with a civic community and town centre boost. And already several other local towns have taken up their own versions including Twyford, Windsor and Wokingham.

“We are delighted to accept this Award on behalf of the people of Henley who have participated in the Living Advent Calendar with such enthusiasm”.

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