Philippa & Friends Enjoy Auction Prize of Tea with the Mayor

mayors-tea-partyPhilippa Dunbar from Gainsborough and five of her friends enjoyed a wonderful tea party with the Mayor and Mayoress yesterday evening in the Mayor’s Parlour at the Town Hall.  The fantastic spread made by Stefan and Catherine included sandwiches, honey sausages, crispy cakes and jelly. Philippa, aged 7 goes to Valley Road School and invited her friends – Bethann Bowsher, Nell Priestley, Emma Francis, Isla Tompkins and Allysha Stokes.

Before the special tea, the girls were given a tour by the Mayor of the Town Hall including the Council Chamber, Committee Room, the secret toilet and the chair room!

Philippa’s Mum, Kate bid on the prize at the Gainsborough Auction of Promises in September.  She won the lot for £42 and said, “It’s been a really lovely experience and one I am sure the girls will remember for a long time.”

The girls also had the chance to try on the Mayor’s hat and special chain which they were surprised at how light it was. mayors-tea-party-2 They also learnt there there is only one Mayoral robe and it is not altered in size for different Mayors.

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