Henley Volunteer Drivers Urgently Need More Volunteers

HVDsThe Henley Volunteer Bureau (HVB) is launching a new working title – Henley Volunteer Drivers – that better describes the service the Bureau provides.

This service aims to provide door to door transport for elderly and disabled people in Henley and Shiplake, who are unable to use public transport, to essential medical appointments in Henley and surrounding hospitals.

It is staffed by volunteer drivers, the only reimbursement they receive being their petrol costs which are paid directly to them by the client. The drivers wait with the client providing a friendly face and moral support, when needed, before returning them to their homes. Scilla Rackham, Office Manager of Henley Volunteer Drivers, said: “We currently have approximately 250 clients on our books, a third of whom use us on a very regular basis. These people are unable to make a journey to a doctor’s surgery or a hospital on their own and we become a lifeline for them. We have a loyal, caring team of volunteers but we do urgently need more volunteers as we’re receiving an ever increasing level of requests from clients. All help would be appreciated, however little time you can offer.”

Peter Jones, a Henley Volunteer Driver who lives in Ancastle Green volunteers about three half days per week (pictured above with Mrs Majorie Thatcher) who really relies on this service to take her for medical appointments.

Henley Volunteer Drivers is holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 20th November 2013 in the Town Hall at 11am. Please do come and meet us and find out more.

For further information please call Henley Volunteer Drivers on 01491 572923 (on weekdays between 10.15 am and 12 noon) or email henleyvolunteerdrivers80@yahoo.co.uk



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