Brakspear Re-Open The Reformation Pub

reformation-pubBrakspear are delighted to announce that they are reopening the Reformation in Gallowstree Common on 19 October after a refurbishment.

New licensees Richard Grant and Sam Murray have taken the keys to the Reformation in Gallowstree Common.  Richard and Sam have moved from the Crown at Nuffield, which they had been running since April this year. Richard said, “We’re excited about moving to the Reformation, which has a good reputation and a loyal following among local residents. It will be the first pub for Sam and myself as permanent tenants, and it’s an opportunity for us to put into practice everything that we learned at the Crown.”

Sam added, “We’re looking forward to meeting our new customers at the Reformation and promise them a warm welcome.” The pub reopens its doors at 5.00 pm on the 19th, with live music from 8.00 from the Tom Mitchell Trio to entertain guests.

Brakspear offered the interim tenancy of the Crown to Richard and Sam, who were working at the pub as head chef and front of house manager respectively, when the previous licensees left.

Sam said, “We enjoyed our time at the Crown. The local community was very supportive and we’re grateful to them, and to Brakspear, who gave us a lot of help.

“However, when we looked at the figures, we could see that, even with the sizeable increase in sales that we achieved, the pub simply wasn’t viable in the long run. It’s a small pub and doesn’t get any passing trade, which means it would never achieve the level of sales we’d need to break even.

“The Reformation is a good move for us– a bigger pub, with a larger local community. Brakspear clearly feel we proved ourselves at the Crown, so they are giving us this opportunity, which we’re grateful for.”

Richard added, “I’m particularly pleased to be running a Brakspear pub. My parents were tenants at the Red Lion at Peppard Common for four years, so it’s good to keep that connection going with the next generation.”

Brakspear chief executive Tom Davies said, “Richard and Sam did a great job at the Crown and it’s sadly a sign of the times that the pub was still unable to provide sufficient returns. Closing a pub is always a last resort for us, but that’s our only option with the Crown, which is now for sale.

“We’re delighted that we were able to relocate Richard and Sam to the Reformation and wish them every success there. We will be offering them as much support as they need to turn it into a thriving business.”


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