Ceremony to Express Gratitude for Artist’s Sculpture


Yesterday, Mayor Stefan Gawrysiak held a small ceremony to thank the artist Judy Boyde for lending her frog ball sculpture at Station Park and commended her on her artistry, skill, generosity and the idea of sculpture is to provoke.  The loan of the sculpture was part of the Henley in Bloom initiative which was recommended and initiated by Samir Khan, a member of the Henley in Bloom Committee.   Many councillors expressed the opinion that there is a lack of focus on art in Henley and the desire for a ‘sculpture trail’ was also mentioned. Councillor Jeni Wood explained that Boyde’s sculpture was the start of a developing concept with Henley Town Council that the sculpture should be replaced every six months and the different artists would come into local schools and talk about their work.

Boyde was trained in ceramic design and her Station Park sculpture was inspired by her fascination with Japanese netsuke, a type of miniature sculpture traditionally made from ivory. Her more recent works include a sculpture of a horse being called up to the line located next to the Windsor race course and a twice life size  sculpture of a horse on top of a building on Middlesex Street in London.


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