Amnesty on Brown Garden Bins

Recycling-rubbish-wasteOver the past year, South Oxfordshire District Council has been collecting bins from residents that are no longer paying for the service, or inherited a brown bin from a previous occupant of their home but haven’t signed up to the service themselves. In total, the council has collected 649 bins from non-payers.


There are now only a small number of brown garden waste bins that haven’t been paid for in the district. The council is offering residents that have one but don’t currently have a payment arrangement in place the chance to give up their bin, or to arrange a direct debit payment.


If you didn’t know you had to pay for this service, it is just £34 per year for your garden waste to be collected every two weeks, on the same day as your recycling. Brown bins left out without direct debit payment arrangements in place will not have garden waste collected.


You can easily pay by direct debit on line, or phone us to make payment arrangements. If you want to keep your brown bin, please do this before 13 September.


If you no longer want your brown garden waste bin, please telephone us on 01749 341247 and we will make arrangements to collect your bin on Saturday, 14 September.


Cllr David Dodds, cabinet member for waste at South Oxfordshire District Council, said: “The vast majority of our garden waste customers pay for the service properly and honestly, so it’s not right that others might want to get away without paying. We’ve already collected a large number, and we are now encouraging anybody that still has a garden waste bin, but hasn’t yet arranged their payment, to do so as soon as possible or to let us know so we can come and reclaim the bin.”


With autumn on the way, a busy time for gardening (especially leaf raking!), we are offering a ten per cent discount for new customers, as well as existing garden waste customers that want to add a second bin to the service. This offer is available until 31 October 2013 and the discount only applies to the first year of the service cost for new customers and only applies to the first year of the cost of adding a second bin to the service for existing customers.


Details about how to order a new bin are on our website at


Or you can telephone us on 01749 341247.

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