What do we think about our homes? Asks Henley Interior Designer

Homes are the places we spend the majority of our time, where we grow, develop and make memories. So how do we Niki-Schaferview our homes in 2013? Henley on Thames interior designer Niki Schäfer of Dwell-Being carried out an in depth survey to find out.

Happy homes?

Only 46% of respondents said they ‘love’ their home. 39% said they like and accept their home as fulfilling their current needs and budget, however 9% only ‘grin and bear’ their home, and 3% strongly dislike their home.

48% of respondents resented how much time they spend looking after the house only for someone else to mess it up. 33% said they had been put off doing something to the house because they intended to sell it soon and then didn’t. 23% of respondents said they thought there was no point in making their house look nice because the kids will mess it up anyway. 33% of respondents said they had decorated a room only to sit back and realise they didn’t like it. While 27% admitted being overly concerned about what other people think about their house.

Schäfer commented: “All too often our homes become exhausting and do not fulfil our emotional needs for space and comfort. A home should be somewhere you enjoy coming back to, and we could really benefit from taking a step back to consider how our homes could better suit our personal needs, be organised in a way that suits us, and reflects the style of those who live there.”


19% of respondents admitted to their house being cluttered, while 68% thought their house was moderately tidy and only 14% thought their home was streamlined and very tidy. In addition 40% felt their home was ‘organised chaos’, and only 7% felt their home was ‘luxe’.

Only 50% of respondents said they felt happy with the personal space they have at home for themselves, whilst 60% said they felt happy with the space they have to specifically sit and think. On the other hand 62% said they felt happy with the space they had for entertaining, and only 46% said they felt happy with their space at home for the kids to play.

Schäfer commented: “We all need space. Space to think, space to come together as a family and space to breathe. It isn’t just about square footage either, but more about how we design the space we do have to work around us.”


28% of respondents said their homes had ‘mixed styles’, while 25% said theirs had ‘no real style’. Contemporary was the most popular identified home style (18%), followed by traditional (11%) and country (9%). The majority (58%) said it was moderately important for them to have a well designed and impressive home, while 30% said it was extremely important, and only 12% said this was not important at all.

75% of respondents said they found style inspiration for their own interior design from lifestyle magazines, 57% from friend’s houses, 24% from blogs and Pinterest, 38% from TV programmes and 39% found it from specialist interior shops.

Schäfer says: “Your home should be decorated in a style that actually reflects what you or your family want to say about yourselves to the world. Are you discrete and elegant? Loud and bubbly? Glamorous? Calm and practical? It is important to define your own sense of belonging first so you can then discover a style that will bring out the best in you.”

To find out more about Niki’s interior design service go to www.dwell-being.co.uk

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