More Road Closures Affecting Henley

hart-street-roadworksOver the next few weeks Henley will continue to be affected by roadworks in surrounding areas which will probably cause more traffic problems in and around the town.

Greys Road has been closed since 5 August outside the Malsters Arms Pub at Rotherfield Greys where they are working on the drainage to prevent flooding of the road after heavy rain.  It is due to re-open on Monday 19 August.

Marlow bridge has been closed since 29 July and is due to re-open on 31 August for cleaning, repairs and a new road surface.

From the 19 August Southern Gas Networks will be closing the Wargrave Road just outside Henley (between Marsh Lock and Conways Bridge) where the road narrows for 3 weeks. During the road closure, a diversion route will be in place via Knowl Hill and White Hill.

New Street in Henley will be closed from 9-27 September for emergency sewer repairs.

Emergency repair works at Bix which will close the A4130 place in October (no date confirmed yet) and then major resurfacing works to be undertaken in the Spring of 2014.


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