Qwertysafe Launch Guarded ID Anti-keylogging Program


Henley-based entrepreneurs Chris Donnachie & Simon Edwards have just announced the launch of their new PC security software product from their company: Qwertysafe.  Guarded ID is a state of the art anti-keylogging program which prevents cyber criminals from stealing your sensitive personal information from your computer as you surf online.  Most people now have some kind of anti-virus software installed on their machine which prevents most malicious threats however many people are not aware of “keylogging” – the growing cyber crime that costs millions of pounds each year worldwide. With the vast proliferation of spyware in recent years, there has been a growing list of websites and malicious users trying to cash in by installing keyloggers and stealing personal information. Identity theft has become rampant.

Keylogger spyware, also known as a keystroke logger, is a software application that captures and records each and every keystroke that is typed on your keyboard. Keylogger software was originally developed for positive, productive uses such as diagnosing problems with a computer system, measuring employee productivity and retrieving lost or deleted data. However, hackers and other cyber criminals have since adapted it for unscrupulous purposes such as phishing and other identity theft.

Guarded ID works by encrypting your every keystroke as you type using patented technology which guards your personal information against keyloggers who use readily available software to access your PC in order to steal information.   Qwertysafe in partnership with New Jersey based Strikeforce Technologies and are currently working on developing “Smartisafe” which is a version of the product developed for Smartphone & iPhone.

More information can be found at www.qwertysafe.com

Henley-based entrepreneurs Chris Donnachie & Simon Edwards are pictured below.

qwerty-man1 qwerty-man2


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